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Kerry – Digital Photo Sorting Talk

Great comments
Easy to follow
Simple approach

Brenda – Fun Ways to Organise Your Home talk

I enjoyed your workshop [Fun Ways to Organise Your Home] at Civic Centre Library recently. The work book was one of the most useful I have taken away from a seminar and one I will keep. Having pictures of actual storage products with information on where to buy them, with prices, was inspirational.

… Wardrobe and linen cupboards I find easy to cull and keep neat but the kitchen was too hard for too long.  It’s amazing how inexpensive storage can organise a kitchen so well.

So thank you for showing me storage that I didn’t know was available and suggesting using them in different ways.

Gail – Melville Library attendee

Down to earth and practical and you’re nice and calm

Renee – Melville Library attendee

I really liked the budget storage solutions

Verna – Melville Library attendee

It touched on the day to day problems with storage and decluttering so that was useful

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Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

Look around your home and ask yourself "which cluttered area affects me the most?" Now imagine that you had taken action years ago, decluttering and organising the area - how would that feel today? It's not about looking back and having ...

“ Enjoyed it so much – could have gone on longer!! Well done Sara – loved the course!! ”

Workshop attendee