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Workshop attendee

Could be longer – very interesting, time flew!

Valery Wells

Thank you so much for your time at the workshop, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was extremely motivated.

I am used to initiating a declutter at home and being highly excited about the end result before I even begin, whereas my husband is normally dreading the decluttering exercise and often dampens my enthusiasm.

Therefore, I had already decided on leaving Midland that I would start the first phase of my decluttering (sorting) without even engaging the help of my husband.

Well, was I in for a surprise!  When I came home from my workshop with you, I shared your tips, common behaviours and planning advice with him.

Just because I was so impressed and happy to change my behaviours and start making a difference to my house.

Oh my gosh, the next day, my husband said “I’m so glad that you went to that workshop.  I’m actually really excited about decluttering our house.  Which room shall we start with and when can we start”.  I was blown away.  I told him that was the first time in 14 years that he’s ever been excited about me initiating work within the house that he’s involved in.  We had  a chuckle together!!

Anyway, we followed your tips, planned the declutter, stuck to our 3 hour time limit and managed to clear out 2 whole cupboards.  Mostly was baby items that we could sell and some to give away.  There are a few items left behind for me to find the right storage box for.

We haven’t finished the room yet but we have completed 2 out of the 3 zones in the room, so we are on the right way to having a new room to use.


Workshop attendee

Would love it to go on and on (ie length). Very enjoyable even if emotional at times

Workshop attendee

Has kept me motivated

Workshop attendee

Thank you for very handy tips

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Workshop attendee