Teaching you how to clear the clutter from your home & life!


Roxene – Armadale Library workshop attendee

It was great thanks

Sandy – Armadale Library workshop attendee

I really liked the examples that she gave of situations relating to the subject matter


Lots of information, excellent tips, very informative and useful. I feel inspired by Sara and can’t wait to commence my decluttering.

Clara Lukin – Library program organiser

Hi Sara

It was an amazing morning and the feedback was all brilliant… We have had a wonderful response and the website hits were the highest for any session we have had.

Colleen Ross

Hi Sara

it was very lucky for me that I attended your seminar on the first day of a weeks holiday, I took the week off as I could no longer put up with the mess that was the way I lived. Have sent you some of my pics but they do not really tell you the full story, as I have got rid of a whole shelving unit that was taking up to much space in my tiny kitchen, my fridge is now user friendly and i can now shop and know that i am not doubling no sorry quadrupling up. You can use the pics if they are any good to you.

Your seminar has helped me look at my life and the way I do things and i now have a freedom that comes with routine, I use to think freedom was not needing routine. So thank you thank you

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“ Enjoyed it so much – could have gone on longer!! Well done Sara – loved the course!! ”

Workshop attendee