How to declutter your life

Sometimes inspiration hits you out of nowhere: “it’s time to declutter my life!” Other times, it doesn’t. And either one of those might be the reason you’re here.

Whether you’re sorting through keepsakes, categorising photos, trying to find your home again (it’s under all that clutter somewhere!), or just trying to stay ahead of a busy life and hectic schedule, we can help you stay focused with guided video courses.

This is going to be easier –and a lot more fun – than you imagined. Check it out!

Welcome to The Organising School – you can do this, we’ll guide you through it, and you’re going to feel like a great weight’s been lifted from your shoulders.

The best part? Our on-demand video courses let you progress comfortably at your own pace instead of pushing you through things you’re not sure about.

  • Total guidance, zero pressure; no time limits
  • Free your mind: reach goals on your own terms
  • Discover the difference between clutter and treasure
  • Declutter your life and home with smart, easy systems
  • Review what you’ve learned any time you need a refresher

Anyone can do this any time, from anywhere. Getting yourself organised may seem like a huge challenge now, but once you’re taking steps and making guided progress…

…you’ll be surprised how simple it can be to take charge of your life again. Don’t delay – start today!

Back on Track: Get Organised in 7 Days [Free]

Want to dip your toe into getting organised?

Sometimes all you need is a little encouragement and some tips to get you started. When you know what you should focus on and how to make real progress toward the goals you set for yourself, you’ll be surprised how easy it can be to declutter your home and life. See for yourself, get started instantly.


Are you frustrated by many messy areas in your home but get stuck at “where do I even begin?”

Unless you get started it will continue to cost you time and energy. But you already know that! Let me help you flip this situation around and show you how to fit decluttering and organising into your schedule. This isn't a one size fits all, we are going to create a plan based around your personality and lifestyle.

Moving Forward: Declutter Your Life

Go beyond the dreaded spring clean – learn to organise your home and life so smoothly you simply don’t have to worry about it anymore. And you don’t need to abandon your treasured keepsakes or memories to do it. Does that sound optimistic?

I hope so, because by the time you’ve explored all 10 video units (including support materials, worksheets, and exercises to help you), you’ll be a master of home organisation. In this course you will learn how to declutter your life. With 10 easy to follow videos and workbooks, decluttering has never been easier!

Your Best Shots: Take Control of Your Photos

Is that drawer or box full of old photos calling out to you for help? And have you been ignoring its cries, because it seems like such a big job to tackle? All those photos represent a lifetime of treasured moments, and they deserve special treatment.

This can be quick and easy: discover the tips, tricks, and systems you need to cut your collection down to size without sacrificing any important memories you’d rather hold on to. In this course you will learn how to sort your photos. With 8 easy to follow videos and a workbook, finally organise your photos!